We are a Multi Family Office based in the United States, with local presence.


Better solutions

Our model allows us to purchase vehicles with institutional prices, achieving cost savings to build a portfolio that provides better results.


How we make it happen

Each person has their own goals, which is why our model is based
in understanding their needs and, from there, generating optimal and efficient proposals.

  • 1.

    We work with you:

    We build and manage an investment portfolio that fits your needs and those of your family.

  • 2.

    Optimal investment vehicles for your portfolio:

    With low costs, liquid, transparent and easy to understand.

  • 3.

    The best conditions with banks:

    We ensure that you have the lowest transaction and maintenance costs. We make hidden costs transparent.

  • 4.

    Tax efficiency:

    We take into account your tax situation to recommend investments that fit.


Scope of service

We want our relationship to be direct and clear.
Next, we detail the stages of our work:

Portfolio definition and profile
  • Consolidation and evaluation of current portfolio.

  • We define the investment objectives of your portfolio.

  • We establish the optimal portfolio model based on the needs, objectives, risk tolerance and best interest of our client.

Diagnostics and Recommendations
  • Review of platforms and details of investment vehicles, seeking savings and efficiency.*

*Sanctuary Advisors and Diagonal are not tax experts, nor do they provide tax advice. The investment strategies we can recommend may have tax benefits. However, each client should consult their tax advisor.
Supervision, productivity and closeness
  • Review and periodic rebalancing of the portfolio.

  • Consolidated portfolio report.*

  • Evaluation of new investment opportunities.

  • Advice on investment decision making.

  • Periodic meetings to review the portfolio.

*The reports provided are not a substitute for the statements your custodian, bank or broker sends you.


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And together we will find the way to optimize the evolution of your legacy.